Google Map Listing to Excel File Easy Solution

by Asif M

Hello, A lot of my students asking this question about the marketing database management.

How to get the marketing database for calling and marketing and how to save it in Excel file using any automation tool.

I have recorded a detailed video in Hindi / Urdu about how you can search the data and how you can convert the Google map listing data into an Excel file, you have to see whole video to understand the method easily.

In below given video I have instructed step by step process to get the data in Excel sheet.

Here is the steps:

1 – search for a Google Chrome extension called “Data Miner” , you will see the first result on google search page.

2- Install the data miner extension on your system/ laptop browser (Chrom Browser)

3- pin it and click on it to proceed, you will be asked to create a new account on their website

4- Make a new account using your email address and activate the account

5- Now get back to the Google map page and click on your pinned extension.

6- the process will start and in the options panel you can set results rows from 10 to 20, 50 or more…

7- you will get the save the file option when it will be done, choose Excel or CSV format accordingly and that’s done.

I have described the steps in shortcut here on this page, it’s better you go through the attached video below to get better understanding 🙏
Mohammed Asif Explaining about data scraping from the help of data miner chrome extension

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