A blind man selling handmade incense sticks

by Asif M

Today, I was walking around my nearby market to get some stationary stuff.

I heard a voice saying “Agarbatti lelo, dhoopbatti lelo.. ” it was a common sound you heard every day in local streets.

but with that voice, I also heard an uncommon “tick tick” sound like someone is beating the ground with a hard stick or something.

The voice was getting closer and louder to me with that tick tick sound, So I turned back to see what is happening.. and

I saw a young man holding a walking stick in his hand and head in the upper position is crying with the top of his voice and walking.. and I was stunned and surprised to know that he was completely Blind!

He was selling handmade incense sticks on the street of old Delhi with the help of his only support the folding white cane stick!!!

Ohh Man, that was the moment, I literally got the goosebumps, I saw a live example of hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude in one young man just crossed me.

I pulled out my mobile and shot raw footage of it for my inspiration and of course to show my younger fellows who are having too many excuses and saying No to any new thing, or new opportunity and didn’t want to start and gave up already without even trying.

I shot that video to my future self, to inspire me if I need to face any difficult situation or hard days.

Here is the video: Just saw it and let me know what you have learned from this.



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