Minimal and elegant Logo Design for a wooden handcrafted home decor brand by Asifindia



When artistry meets craftsmanship, beautiful things happen. That’s precisely what unfolded when I had the privilege of designing a logo for a manufacturer and exporter of Wooden handcrafted decor products. The client’s vision was clear: they wanted a logo that was minimal, relative to their industry, and exuded elegance. In this post, I’ll take you through the creative journey that led to the birth of this stunning logo.

Client’s Vision:

Before diving into the design process, let’s understand the client’s vision:

Minimal: The logo should be clean and uncluttered.

Relative: It needed to capture the essence of wooden handcrafted decor products.
Elegant: The design should convey a sense of sophistication and quality.

The Creative Process:

With these guiding principles in mind, I embarked on the creative process. Here are the key steps I took:

Research: I delved into the world of wooden decor products, studying their forms, textures, and aesthetics. This research laid the foundation for the design.

Sketching: Armed with inspiration, I began sketching rough ideas. I explored various shapes and elements that would convey the essence of woodwork.

Typography: Typography played a crucial role. I opted for a sleek, modern font that echoed elegance while remaining legible.

Color Palette: To stay true to the wooden theme, I selected earthy tones and a touch of gold to add that touch of sophistication.

Final Results: 

logo design by asifindia


logo design by asifindia

logo design by asifindia`

logo design by asifindia

logo design by asifindia



logo design by asifindia


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